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Our Great Rivers: Chicago’s Next Frontier

On August 17, at the Studio Gang-designed WMS Boathouse in Clark Park, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, The Chicago Community Trust’s president and CEO Terry Mazany and other civic, government and community leaders announced the release of the city’s first-ever vision for the entirety of its vast network of rivers and tributaries.

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Trump Foundation donations came from other charities

Virtually all of the contributions made by Donald Trump’s foundation reportedly came from other charities — with The Donald just passing the money along.

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National Funders Boost Culture-Led Neighborhood Development in Chicago

Creative minds have the power to re-envision our world, imagining equitable futures full of possibility. Queen Victoria recognized the power of artists, warning: “Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous.” They build, construct, sculpt, speak, write, sing, dance, paint, constantly reinventing beauty and blurring the lines that too often divide us.

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America’s devotion to local control of schools is dying, but it is also being reborn as a new faith in charter schools. These independently operated public schools—nearly 7,000 across the country, and counting—provide a much-needed option for almost three million.....

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