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Cancer Society event in Aurora to give dogs a chance to howl

Aurora's furry four-legged friends have a pre-Halloween opportunity to dress up in their favorite costume while helping to fight cancer at the same time. On Saturday, the American Cancer Society's Bark for Life event will kick off at Phillips Park in Aurora to raise funds and awareness for the...

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To help cougars cross busy 101 Freeway, Annenberg Foundation promises to match donations for bridge

National Park Service researchers discovered two litters of mountain lion kittens in the eastern Santa Susana Mountains in June 2016. A total of five kittens, three females and two males, were ear-tagged and returned to their respective dens. (National Park Service)

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New Aurora zoo manager aims to be 'constantly improving'

Margaret Bowen loves reptiles … especially the scaly, slithery species most of us, including yours truly, would just as soon avoid at all costs. That is a good thing since the 35-year-old Aurora woman is the new manager of Phillips Park Zoo. In fact, ask her why she got into this business in the...

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Kapos: High-profile Chicago couple, Bob Dylan pop up in WikiLeaks

Along with revealing the inner workings of a presidential campaign, hacked emails recently released by WikiLeaks offer some insight into how Chicago’s elite operate.